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Thom Markham
Thom Markham, Ph.D. 
The PBL Design and Coaching Guide

Thanks for visiting my website. As a psychologist, author, speaker, educator, and President of PBL Global, an educational organization focused on innovation and transformation through promoting inquiry-based learning, I offer a set of unique services that can help your school or district envision, design, and implement a successful, sustainable plan for educating 21st century young people. 

My approach to school transformation integrates the seven key aspects of a successful inquiry-based system into a three-year PBL Action Cycle matrix: (1) teacher discovery and empowerment; (2) organizational alignment; (3) entrepreneurial project based learning; (4) development of a high performance culture based on whole child principles; (5) teaching and assessment of 21st century skills; (6) curriculum redesign; and (7) use of digital resources and learning management systems.

I have worked with over 200 schools and districts, and conducted workshops for nearly 5000 teachers across five continents, providing proven methods and resources for designing high quality, challenging, authentic projects in all disciplines, including science and engineering. All of my work incorporates themes that I consider essential to education in the global age: personal empowerment; integration of brain and heart; communication; innovation; global ideals; and digital learning.  

For schools seeking sustained professional development, either in the U.S. or internationally, Virtual Coaching is now an excellent option. Please contact me to discuss an individualized, year long program using Skype or videoconferencing for your team or school.

Keynotes: Please contact me for information about fees and schedules for keynote events. 

News and notes: Read my latest blog: Inquiry-based learning vs. Standardized content: Can they coexist?