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The PBL Design and Coaching Guide
"Olds High School has had a four year working relationship with Thom Markham as we have made the transition to a flexible learning community and new campus. Thom is one of the most skilled facilitators and educators I have had the privilege of working with. His ability to ask the right questions, empathy for all of those with whom he is working, and thoughtfulness has changed the culture of our school and staff. He is the consummate professional and has the ability to bring ideas of staff into reality."
Tom Christensen, Principal, Olds High School, Olds, Alberta, Canada 

Project Based Learning Workshops (2 to 4 days, with follow up coaching)

Using design principles I outlined in the Handbook for Standards-Based Project Based Learning, a top-selling book published for secondary teachers by the Buck Institute for Education, participants learn how to design, implement, and manage community-oriented projects in secondary schools, career academies, and STEM schools. This workshop has been completed by over one thousand educators and can range from a one-day overview of project based learning to a full three days of project planning and collaboration for teams of teachers. Longer workshops include more information on how the school culture, context, and community can be used to support and enhance project based work in the classroom. Appropriate for 20 to 40 participants. As part of the follow-up agenda, this workshop can also incorporate webinars on topics such as Assessing Project Quality and Results, Examining Student Work, and Creating a Collaborative Culture.

PBL Leadership Development  

Use a 'train the trainers' model to develop PBL leaders in your school. Designed for teacher-leaders or core staff familiar with PBL, this 1 - 2 day workshop will prepare your PBL team to help other staff design, implement, and assess high quality prjojects. Topics include use of planning tools, rubric development, team management, coaching methods, assessment of student work, and protocols for debriefing and improving projects. Appropriate for 10 to 25 participants. Webinar support included.

School Redesign Coaching (5 to 20 days per year)

In conjunction with workshops on PBL and 21st century skills, I offer continuous coaching throughout the school year to help schools and STEM or career academies organize themselves as learning communities, develop a project based philosophy, and gain the tools necessary to sustain change and transformation. Coaching may include training in communication and team building, change management, and systems for helping schools operationalize their vision and begin the work of creating new systems of teaching, learning, and student success. Coaching may include webinars as well on on-site sessions. A typical school year begins with four days of presentation, and includes four to six days of coaching during the year.

Whole Child, Whole Teacher Workshops and Coaching (2 - 6 hours)

Based on the principles of neuroscience, research into the heart, and studies of cognition and inquiry, the Whole Child, Whole Teacher workshop helps teachers assess and develop the core personal strengths necessary for inquiry-based educators, such as flexibility, resilience, open-mindedness, and divergent thinking. By integrating heart-based teaching styles, social-emotional learning, and communication and collaboration skills into daily routines in the classroom, teachers and students can form powerful cohorts that translate into deeper learning.